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Salty Dogs Podcast
Go to S2 Episode 17 – Redemptive Suffering

S2 Episode 17 – Redemptive Suffering

Derek Shore brings the topic of “Redemptive Suffering” that hits home.

Go to S2 E16 – Experiencing God Through Ecology

S2 E16 – Experiencing God Through Ecology

Mike Clifford brings the knowledge in this one.

Go to S2 Episode 15- Humility

S2 Episode 15- Humility

Casey & Jason take this one sans-guest.

Go to S2 Episode 14 – The Presence Of God

S2 Episode 14 – The Presence Of God

Pastor Dioane Gates is back!

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Salty Dogs Podcast

What Is Salty Dogs?
You salty bro?!

"Salty Dog" refers to those who've been at sea for a long time. It means there are those who've been through the storm, the rough waters, the voyage seemingly without end. These are the ones we can learn from the most. When you stop learning, you stop growing. Our goal is to glean from the wisdom and experience from others as we continue to grow in our faith and mission in Jesus Christ. The Salty Dogs podcast comes out of Wichita, KS and is a ministry of

Salty Dogs Christian Podcast

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The Crew.

Jason Villanueva

Co-Host – Jason teaches and leads at the Source Wichita in Wichita, KS. His ability to direct conversations by asking questions that really make you think shift and guide the trajectory and depth of the Salty Dog podcasts.

Casey Tavares

Co-Host – Casey has true grit. His raw view of life pours edge into the conversations as he seeks to share his true love for others. He wrestles with human nature and prevails in the grace shown to him. You can hear it in him, if you hear him.

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