When you stop learning, you stop growing. Our goal is to glean from the wisdom and experience from others as we continue to grow in our faith and mission in Jesus Christ. The Salty Dogs podcast comes out of Wichita, KS and is a ministry of TheSourceWichita.com. Hosts are Casey Tavares and Jason Villanueva. Special guests are always welcome!

The Salty Dogs Podcast was birthed out of a friendship between Casey and Jason that began in 2010. From being partners in ministry to roommates on multiple occasions, their love for conversations surrounding the church, theology, and life grew the more they spent time together. Short car rides to work in early morning hours turned into deep, disgruntled, joy-filled wordfests that based on the distance of the rides were cut short, leaving those thought processes suspended in time. Thus, the birth of the Salty Dogs.

Inviting friends and spiritual family from all over as guests, The Salty Dogs Podcast dives head first into the waters of truth-seeking and norm-busting conversations, without holding its nose before the plunge. The appetite for recording is nearly insatiable. Season II is in full effect.

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