Experiencing God Through Ecology S2 E16

S2 : Episode 16 – Experiencing God Through Ecology

“One must realize that a work of art says exponentially more about the creator than the creation.” We know the heart and character of God fully through his Word become flesh. We are also gifted with a natural world revealing God’s creativity, wonder, beauty, and power. As we study the natural world, its systems and functions, it teaches us things about the spiritual life. It teaches us things about who we are and how we are designed. To become more like Christ and to be formed in His image, there are essential truths we can learn from nature, plants, animals, and God’s design.


Welcome Guest Mike Clifford

Resources mentioned in this podcast:
Dallas Willard – Author page on Amazon

Is genesis history? Documentary Film

Blaise Pascal – Link to Wikipedia

Raptureless – Book on Amazon

James Bryan Smith – The Good & Beautiful God

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