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Discontentment With The “Church”

Discontentment With The “Church” There’s no doubt that many Christians are discontent in their contexts and with the expressions of “church” they’re experiencing. It can be difficult to navigate the thoughts and feelings that come along with this. Having experienced some of our own discontentment in the past, the Salty Dogs bring experience, maybe some Read more about Discontentment With The “Church”[…]


WHEN GRIEF KNOCKS, ANSWER THE DOOR | By Chris Cerna Grief. Many of us experience this dreaded and often very intense emotion more times than we hope to in our lives. It can set in after unforeseen changes arise; transition, death, loss, break-up, divorce or any other life-altering event. How do you handle it? Many Read more about WHEN GRIEF KNOCKS, ANSWER THE DOOR[…]

BONUS EPISODE! Interview w/ Pyramid Park

Bonus Episode! Interview with Pyramid Park We had the amazing opportunity to interview Pete McAllen with Pyramid Park, a singer/song-writer based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Pyramid Park has an amazing album called Vulnerability, and the title track flows right in line with what we discussed in Season 3 Episode 1. Stick around and listen to Read more about BONUS EPISODE! Interview w/ Pyramid Park[…]

S3 E2: The Myths of “Full-Time” Ministry

S3 : Episode 2 – The Myths of “Full-Time” Ministry Chris Cerna, Jason Villanueva, Nick Eady and Pastor Jeff Jewett dive into the topic of “full-time” minstry, busting myths and exploring the truth about what every believer is called to in this life. The phrase “vocational humity” comes up, it’s interesting! Join us in the Read more about S3 E2: The Myths of “Full-Time” Ministry[…]

S3 E1: Depression, Honesty & Vulnerability

S3 : Episode 1 – Depression, Honesty & Vulnerability Matt Brown joins us for S3 E1 tackling the topics of depression, honesty, and vulnerability. Having spent most of his adult life in ministry, the pressure of performance and perfection took its toll on Matt. He has recently sought out counseling and has taken to an Read more about S3 E1: Depression, Honesty & Vulnerability[…]

Redemptive Suffering S2 E17

S2 : Episode 17 – Redemptive Suffering No one wants to suffer. We work hard to minimize our suffering, our pain, inconveniences, hurts and the like. What if we embraced it as necessary? What if we saw what it produces, instead of considering it useless? We navigate this one from personal experience, looking to Jesus Read more about Redemptive Suffering S2 E17[…]

Experiencing God Through Ecology S2 E16

S2 : Episode 16 – Experiencing God Through Ecology “One must realize that a work of art says exponentially more about the creator than the creation.” We know the heart and character of God fully through his Word become flesh. We are also gifted with a natural world revealing God’s creativity, wonder, beauty, and power. Read more about Experiencing God Through Ecology S2 E16[…]