Liberating The Word Of God From The Bible w/ Keith Giles

In this episode, Jason and Chris interview Author, Blogger and Podcaster Keith Giles about his book Jesus Unbound: Liberating The Word Of God From The Bible. We explore the idea that the Word of God and our ultimate authority is Jesus alone and that the scriptures are always meant to point us to Him. Prepare Read more about Liberating The Word Of God From The Bible w/ Keith Giles[…]

Love Versus Religion

We all have our own convictions that lead us to take a stand for what we believe. But what’s our motivation behind “calling someone out”, or engaging in conversations with varying viewpoints on what we consider “truth”? How do stay in peaceful relationship with those who believe differently than we do? How do we address Read more about Love Versus Religion[…]

That’s Too Much Salt, Bro.

It ALWAYS helps to process what you’re feeling and thinking. Chris takes advantage of a hyped up caffeinated state to dive into some thoughts about recent mixed feedback and pushback on our recent episode “We’re Salty, Bro.” He’s rolling solo in this one, in a vulnerable way. Join us in the conversation at Thank Read more about That’s Too Much Salt, Bro.[…]

Food & Faith – The Sacrament of Eating

Food & Faith – The Sacrament Of Eating Have you ever considered that when you sit down for a meal that something died for you to eat? Whether a plant or an animal, death is a part of our meal. So that we might have life, things have died. How should this notion affect us Read more about Food & Faith – The Sacrament of Eating[…]

Redefining Masculinity

Redefining Masculinity Toxic masculinity has become a buzzword in our nation as of late. NY times says this: “Researchers have defined it, in part, as a set of behaviors and beliefs that include the following: Suppressing emotions or masking distress, Maintaining an appearance of hardness, Violence as an indicator of power (think: “tough-guy” behavior) So, Read more about Redefining Masculinity[…]

Q&A – Facebook Live Video

Q&A Facebook Live Replay Chris and Jason jump on Facebook live to take some questions! We talk bible, hit on works and help a few listeners with their questions. Watch the live stream replay! Join us in the conversation at Thank you for your continued support of the Salty Dogs Podcast! Check out the Read more about Q&A – Facebook Live Video[…]